Multiple Jobs Vacancies for Supermarket Assistants in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a diverse and advanced economy, which is the 5th largest in the world. Its major industries include financial services, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and automotive manufacturing.

The UK is also a major exporter of goods and services, with its largest trading partners being the European Union, the United States, and China. Despite uncertainties surrounding Brexit, the UK remains an attractive destination for foreign investment, with a highly skilled workforce and a business-friendly regulatory environment.

The UK also has a well-developed social welfare system, including universal healthcare and a range of social assistance programs for those in need.

Job Details

  • Estimated salary: £43,216 – 48,211 per year
  • Job type: Temporary and Permanent Jobs
  • Job Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • Required Educational Qualification: High school diploma
  • Job Industries: Retail and Sales 

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Job Description

We have lots of esteemed employers in the country seeking to hire competent and exciting individuals to work with their team of diverse employees as Supermarket Assistants. The Supermarket Assistant will handle the stocking and arrangement of products on the shelves.

Specific Tasks

The Supermarket Assistant would be expected to handle the following;

  • advising and serving of customers’ order
  • replenishing of stocks on the shelves
  • accepting payment from customers’ for goods purchased
  • sorting and packing of customers’ goods among others
  • assume all other assigned responsibilities

The Supermarket Assistant however would be required to possess some certain skills and qualifications before they can be considered by the employer. This includes but not limited to;

  • having exceptional customer service skills
  • bachelor degree in related field
  • good marketing and selling skills
  • able to work in a fast paced environment
  • excellent multi-tasking and management skills
  • reliable and confident in the discharging of his duties
  • have exceptional interpersonal skills.

Job Benefits

  • Extended health care
  • Dental care
  • Life insurance
  • On-site housing options
  • Free parking space

How to Apply

I’m convinced you’re a good fit for the position and would implore you to start your application today.

Supermarket Assistants Jobs in the UK